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How To Choose Your Next Basement Renovation

Renovating your basement can be a great way of breathing life into an old and under used space in your home. In many homes the basement often ends of being an indeterminate space where things are stored or hidden away. Maybe every now and again you dream up grand plans for the space, but due to your busy schedule these ideas never come to fruition. Why not change this? By working with a professional like Maple Renovations you can once and for all bring life to your basement. But this leaves one question to answer: what will you do with the space? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Home Entertainment Experience

    Turning your basement into a home theatre can be a great idea, and it is one that is popular with many home owners. You can even take advantage of the lack of natural light in your basement and install a projector to recreate the full theatre experience.
  2. Games Room

    If you have kids, then this one will keep them happy. Most basements have plenty of room for pool tables, foosball tables, darts boards, air hockey and more. This can also be a great place to set up that over used Xbox or PlayStation and the location will help keep the noise down. If your kids are more interested in heading to the local rink than playing NHL 15, then you could even set up a dry hockey practice zone.
  3. Fitness Room

    It can be hard to find the time to head to the gym, so having a facility at your home can be very beneficial. Whether you're just looking for a running machine and a couple of weights, or a full scale weight rack and gym machine, this can be a great use of your basement space. It also comes with the bonus of being good for your health!

Regardless of your plans, getting a basement renovation is always a great idea. By teaming up with a professional Calgary renovations company like Maple Renovations your dream basement can quickly become a reality. But how do you choose? There are plenty of options when it comes to renovating your basement and in this blog we've covered a few ideas to get you started.

If you'd like to find out more about basement renovations, or if you have any questions, contact Maple Renovations in Calgary today on 403-651-7012 or send us a message using the contact form below.

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