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Renovating for profit and property value increase.

What and when to renovate for maximum returns.

Renovations that will increase the property value of your home.


a, Create an income suite.

It may come as a surprise but this can be the best way to increase value in your home, wether it is converting your basement or another level of your home.

The reasons for this are that it can generate cash to cover a percentage of or cover all your mortgage costs which will result in your home being cash flow positive, This will create wealth that can help to supplement your income.


b, Kitchens.

Kitchens are the heart of the home and can be the most important room in relation to valuation.Investing in a modern and fresh desierable kitchen is critical.

You don't have to go for expensive custom kitchens to increase value, there are some great alternative options these days that include the likes of Ikea, Rona and Home depot that can give you all the new clean fresh looks that you desire at a fraction of the cost of custom.

Alternatively you could freshen the look up with new counter tops, hardware, faucets, lighting  like pot lights for example.


c, Bathrooms.

As you can probably imaging bathrooms are next on the list in terms of home valuation.

If your home is lacking in the number of bathrooms then adding a 3 piece bathroom will dramatically increase the the value of your home, however removing bedrooms to create a bathroom is not recommended, but if you have some dead space in your home then this could be utilized.

Installing new tiles to the bath surround/shower and floors will always be popular and retain value.


d, Flooring.

New flooring or re-finishing existing flooring (hardwood) will give an imediate rise in value, obviously if you can re-finish existing flooring then this would be the most cost effective way to increase the value.

Replacing old worn carpets or even just giving them a professional clean will help to enhance the look of your home.


e, Painting.

Choosing modern clean paint colors can and will give an instant impact in changing the way your home looks and feels at a relatively low cost compared to other renovation options. However you should stay away from bold colors and stick with neutral colors if you are looking to sell your home.

The painting of exterior woodwork and stucco etc can give your home the initial wow factor when it comes to curb appeal, your home needs to be as inviting on the outside as it is on the inside.


f, Landscaping.

Many people forget that they need to give as much thought in to giving your property curb appeal from landscaping, this is important especially when selling as first impressions last. You dont want to lose the buyer before they have even stepped indie the home.

Just basic things like a well watered lawn, trees and bushes pruned, garbage picked up, weeds removed will have a positive effect on the intial perception of your home.


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